Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentists in Carmel, NY

Want to look your best? We want that too! Our Carmel cosmetic dentistry team is staffed with friendly, compassionate people who want what you want; for your smile to radiate confidence and beauty. Legunn Dental has a true passion for the art of dental aesthetics.

Cosmetic Dentistry is Not Merely Skin DeepCarmel, NY Cosmetic Dentistry

Some might think that cosmetic dentistry is just for the wealthy. We feel very strongly that cosmetic dentistry is actually for everyone unhappy with their teeth. An aesthetically pleasing set of teeth is often one in good condition. Cosmetic dental solutions are also frequently solving problems such as malocclusion, broken or missing teeth. These issues can pose real health concerns and are not simply cosmetic.

Changing Damaged Teeth into Beautiful Teeth

Our practice  has taken patients who have struggled with a lifelong embarrassment over their smile and turned their mouth into something beautiful. Whether your concern is a simple broken molar, a missing front tooth, a full mouth of decayed teeth, or any other concern, we can rehabilitate your mouth.  Our Carmel dental team skillfully takes care of our patients with the utmost respect and gentleness. 

Happy to Give Second Opinions

We have seen patients who have left multiple dentists chairs feeling hopeless about ever having a natural looking smile. Some of these patients have suffered a dental trauma and some have simply not been able to take good care of their teeth. At Legunn Dental , we have been able to turn the look and health of their mouth around.

We have also taken patients whose gums were inflamed and painful weeks after dental work was completed by someone else. In these cases, we have been able to help these patients get out of pain fast, and then correct the areas that needed additional attention.

Choose a Perfectionist

Our Carmel cosmetic dentists at Legunn Dental are perfectionists. The worse off the patient’s cosmetic condition, the more inspired we are  to make something beautiful. Some of our  most sought after treatments include anterior ceramic crowns (for front teeth), complete mouth rehabilitation, tooth colored bonding and dental implant restorations.

Have Questions or Ready to Make an Appointment?

To make dental work more affordable for those with minimal or no dental insurance, we offer dental financing options. If you are ready to make an appointment or want to learn more about our office, give us a call or request an appointment online today. We are looking forward to helping you resolve all of your cosmetic or oral mal-functioning issues.